New News:

  • Amanda is now working with Kyle Pak from Authentic Talent & Literary Management!
  • Amanda just performed in a comedy showcase with the amazing Shari Shaw Studios! It was GREAT!
  • Amanda just had her Netflix debut on Seven Seconds, Episode 2! She had a co-star role as Chloe, a call girl who flirts with a cop. Check out her scene!
  • Amanda is taking class at UCB
  • New reel!

Old News:

  • Amanda took a commercial class with David Bellantoni of Beth Melsky Casting. She is super excited to use what she learned in future commercial auditions!
  • Amanda booked a music video! She plays the new-to-NY girlfriend in a featured NYC "couple" in a video featuring people in different cities around the world. The music is by Herb Alpert, a well-known trumpet player.
  • Amanda took class with Ted Sluberski which provided her with new audition material and a solid, fun approach to guest-star and pilot auditions!
  • Amanda was called in to audition for a co-star role by Kim Krakauer of Tucker/Meyerson, and she booked it!! She plays Chloe, a call girl who flirts with a cop, on new Netflix original series "Seven Seconds"!! Release date coming soon.
  • Amanda auditioned for the Equity production of Clue for the role of Yvette, the French maid, and she got called back!
  • Lots of people are talking about "Crossbreed"! Here's one: Hollywood Reporter