Amanda Mikhail was born and raised in NYC. She went to Loyola University in Baltimore where she acted in theater performances and took some Drama classes. Abiding by her parent's wishes, she double majored in Psychology and Art History, with plans to pursue the former professionally. After being accepted into a Masters program in Psychology, Amanda, true to her New York attitude, said "screw this," moved out of her parent's house in secret, got a hosting job to pay bills, and began pursuing acting professionally. True story.

Equipped with a background in psychology and a love of the theater, she trained at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and has since performed as a principal in both the Thespis Theatre Festival and The Manhattan Repertory Theatre's Summerfest.

Enjoying the subtleties of acting on camera, Amanda made her transition to film and television. She has been involved in a number of web-series and independent films. She has also stretched her muscles as a writer for "Tri-State," a Hanging Charlie Production.

Recently, Amanda has had the pleasure of working on "Crossbreed," a feature film produced by Jaguar Motion Pictures and directed by Brandon Slagle. The film stars Vivica A. Fox as the first actress to ever portray an African American, female, U.S. president! People are talking about it. Amanda worked alongside Daniel Baldwin and Stink Fisher in her role as Ashley- a bartender who is used to the rougher crowd at her bar, and ultimately gets saved from a dangerous bar fight.

Amanda was also cast in "Seven Seconds," a new original Netflix series, as Chloe- a call girl who flirts with a cop. She is very grateful to have worked with director Jonathan Demme!

Passionate and driven, Amanda has continued both her acting and vocal training to further develop her craft. Recently, she studied at T. Schreiber Studios and with Ted Sluberski.

Amanda often plays outspoken, direct women who can be quirky.

There is no such thing as dead time. Time is only dead if you kill it.
— Michael Caine